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General Customer Comments

Received : 2023-03-02 from Brad M. - ON, Canada
"I took my 12 year old daughter to their Airsoft shooting range and we had a lot of fun. It was not very expensive, and we got to try a wide range of rifles and a couple pistols. They had some fun target games to shoot at, and the staff were very knowledgeable. We never shot airsoft guns before and they gave us all the safety tips, and showed us how to use the guns. Highly recommend this place for everything Airsoft."
Received : 2023-02-13 from John H. - ON, Canada
"Hi there, this store was truly amazing. I came in seeking a few items, as well looking for a new blade. Your worker, Bryant if I rember, was truly amazing in his help, and has made a new loyal costumer to this establishment. Thank you for this fine young man."
Received : 2022-11-03 from Laura L. - SK, Canada
"Thank you so much for your assistance with our bulk order Tim Hodges, we couldn’t have done it without you. As usual, you have been amazing!"
Received : 2022-07-30 from Matt Loop, DJ for Jack FM, London
"We bought a bunch of stuff for my son to go on a camping trip. I put in on my Instagram!"
Received : 2022-04-24 from Don M. - ON, Canada
I ordered two Czech Military surplus OM-90 gas masks and a military grade bag. They had the best prices by far and I wanted to support a local business. I ordered everything Wednesday night and literally got it Friday morning. The customer service team did great, positive attitude and very attentive.

The quality of the products I ordered is 10/10. The customer service I received was professional which I would also give 10/10.

This honestly was my first time purchasing from them and It was a positive experience. Going fourth I'll be doing a lot more orders with this company.

Thanks lads.

Received : 2021-11-14 from Ken D. - ON, Canada
Their off-lease computers are a great bargain. I recommend to my clients that they buy their computers from Forest City Surplus.
Received : 2021-10-28 from Emeline M. - SK, Canada
Hi Danielle, I received the speakers today. I am pleasantly surprised that they are new because in stores these speakers cost more than double the price you sell them. Once again, thank you for your courteous and professional service. We are very happy with this purchase.
Received : 2021-09-10 from Hunter K. - ON, Canada
Thank you. I will order today! Really appreciate the fcsurplus support.
Received : 2021-02-01 from Gary K. - ON, Canada
I just wanted to let you know that I received my replacement shredder today. It arrived in immaculate condition and I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt consideration and excellent customer service. I would recommend your store to anyone and I am completely content with the product I purchased from you.
Received : 2021-01-11 from Hayden A. - ON, Canada
Thanks Tim. I'll be looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future.
Received : 2020-08-10 from Preston P. - QC, Canada
Right on! I appreciate the great customer service. I will recommend your business to others!
Received : 2020-07-23 from Brian V. - ON, Canada
Many thanks, Tim Hodges - really appreciate how you handled the return.
Received : 2020-06-02 from Vince M. - ON, Canada
Thanks for all the years of service you guys have given all London, You have great products, and at reasonable prices, I shop at your store all the time, thanks again!
Received : 2020-04-07 from Nancy L. - ON, Canada
Just picked up my order! Quick turnaround time and great customer service. Thank you so much!
Received : 2020-03-11 from Dragana M. - WA, USA
You totally delivered! My son will be SO thrilled tomorrow with his snowskates! Thanks a bunch!
Received : 2020-03-09 from Tyler H. - MB, Canada
Looking forward to this order. I bought not long ago from you guys and was very impressed with the service and product. Thank you.
Received : 2020-02-06 from Steve G. - ON, Canada
You have a great store. Stay open! I promote you as much as I can.
Received : 2020-01-31 from Jeremy C. - ON, Canada
I shop at Forest City Surplus because: "it's amazing"
What I would like to change: "Absolutely nothing. If you change it or the vibes I won't return :-)"

Received : 2020-01-23 from Kyle J. - ON, Canada
Finally got the eBay checkout to work as a guest. Thanks for all your help navigating eBay!! I appreciate it.
Received : 2019-09-12 from Marjorie R. - ON, Canada
It's a fun place to shop, you never know what treasure you might find.
Received : 2019-09-09 from Jeff W. - ON, Canada
I love this store and your prices can't be beat. Any time I need anything for camping or my job ,I'm coming back to your store. It's great to find a store that honest deals.
Received : 2018-05-21 from Dylan P. - ON, Canada
I have been going to FCS with my father since I was a baby. I practically grew up in the store as my father shopped the excellent selection of camping supplies, painting equipment, and army surplus. As I grew older I too shopped for my camping, school, and cool Tshirts at the surplus store, not out of any financial strain or the like but because of the ever-present friendly and informative staff, the selection of goods, and the memories I hold. It is blue moon when I walk into FCS and NOT find something I was looking for. As an avid camper and survivalist I enjoy the selection of low price yet high quality camping equipment that they have always offered and I exclusively purchase my freeze dried camping food and MREs here. I would recommend this place to anyone for anything. A solid 5 stars but I wish I could rate it higher.
Received : 2018-05-19 from Chris C. - ON, Canada
Huge help!!
Received : 2018-05-02 from Dan B. - ON, Canada
Has almost everything you need
Received : 2018-04-29 from John H. - ON, Canada
They have everything!
Received : 2018-04-29 from Doug P. - ON, Canada
Great store, good prices!
Received : 2018-04-24 from Murray R. - ON, Canada
Always seems to have what I am looking for.
Received : 2018-04-19 from Jim K. - ON, Canada
Great place. Easy access.
Received : 2018-04-11 from Joe L. - ON, Canada
My favorite place ever!
Received : 2018-04-10 from Elijah D. - ON, Canada
Good selection of surplus goods. Worth checking out!
Received : 2018-04-09 from Paul O. - ON, Canada
Large store, lots of stuff
Received : 2018-04-03 from Kevin L. - ON, Canada
Wow great selection. My son went nuts over the variety and selection of airsoft guns.
Received : 2018-04-02 from Art M. - ON, Canada
Best place to get cables. If you are buying HDMI cables elsewhere, you have not been here.
Received : 2018-04-02 from Steve S. - ON, Canada
The airsoft department is great. Love the deals in the rest of the store.
Received : 2018-03-26 from Sergei G. - ON, Canada
Place is a wilderness of random stuff you didn't know you needed. Don't be afraid to ask, the staff will help you if they can!
Received : 2018-03-23 from Jim P. - ON, Canada
I wanted a regular looking boot without all the fancy styling and the Bates Cold Weather combat boots were exactly what I wanted at far less than I expected to pay. There is also a removable inner lining like a sock sorta thing. Get a half size bigger if you plan on using the extra insert. These are really well made. Delivery was super fast.
Received : 2018-03-20 from Robert D. - ON, Canada
Great place. I get a lot here.
Received : 2018-03-20 from Sharon B. - ON, Canada
Great place to find almost everything
Received : 2018-03-02 from Patrick R. - ON, Canada
Lots of stuff for great prices! If you need something check Forest City Surplus first! They also have a fantastic airsoft section!
Received : 2018-03-01 from Mark S. - ON, Canada
Friendly staff
Received : 2018-02-23 from Lorie P. - ON, Canada
Good prices and good place to shop for a variety of things
Received : 2018-02-19 from Mike A. - ON, Canada
Good deals on HDMI cables among other things
Received : 201-02-16 from Charlene S. - ON, Canada
Friendly, super helpful staff and good prices
Received : 2018-02-12 from Riley H. - ON, Canada
Lots of cool stuff, picked up an inverter for my atv to use while on the trails aswell as a 12v coleman cooler and a bunch of other stuff (motors, relays, airsoft, stickers, speakers, the list goes on)
Received : 2018-02-10 from Anne S. - ON, Canada
People are very helpful. Thank you Forest City Surplus.
Received : 2017-08-30 from John F. - ON, Canada
Very wide selection of items to find here. Easy to find staff for assistance and always willing to assist in any way. Always been willing to get me the information that is needed for my question or recommend other sources to assist me. One of my first places to stop when shopping.
Received : 2017-08-28 from Roy M. - ON, Canada
Lots of items. Great prices and customer service. Always new things coming in.
Received : 2018-07-26 from Cain C. - ON, Canada
Really interesting store
Received : 2017-08-25 from Trisha D. - ON, Canada
Can find great deals here. Got a new freezer for a really great price. The staff are sometimes funny.
Received : 2017-08-17 from Albin K. - ON, Canada
Great store with so much stuff... Unique selection of some harder to find pieces especially cables, connectors, tools, camping gear, army surplus of course, and more.
Received : 2018-05-14 from Rodney O. - ON, Canada
A little of everything for everyone, go too see for yourself and you will agree
Received : 2018-07-20 from Geoff M. - ON, Canada
Lots of cool stuff!
Received : 2018-07-03 from Marina B. - ON, Canada
Staff are very helpful
Received : 2017-08-16 from Gabrielle W. - ON, Canada
It's basically the Amazon of London. I found so many things I thought I could only buy online. Definitely check it out!
Received : 2017-08-11 from Wade M. - ON, Canada
Great place with endless items for purchase. Sort of a thirst store but new items.Camping supplies, hunting, fishing, drones, halloween, trinkets and just things
Received : 2017-08-05 from Mike B. - ON, Canada
Great store, have a huge variety of goods!
Received : 2017-08-02 from Wilding R. - ON, Canada
Going to FSC is a treat for the scroungers and bargain hunters. Always a tremendous assortment and very good prices. I paid $17 for an item in another store and found the same at FCS at $10. The cashier's are very friendly and if you need help, someone is always willing. I enjoy every trip to FCS.
Received : 2017-07-29 from Tim M. - ON, Canada
Great place to stop and shop for all your needs and the staff members are great
Received : 2017-07-28 from Duane J. - ON, Canada
Great prices on a decent selection of tools, outdoor goods, incidental items for the DIY maker/repair.
Received : 2017-07-25 from Shaun. - ON, Canada
Always a great place to find interesting things - airsoft, paintball, camping gear, clothing, small appliances
Received : 2017-07-23 from Shane A. - ON, Canada
Most staff are knowledgable about their products and prices are pretty good for those hard to find items.
Received : 2017-07-21 from Bruce W. - ON, Canada
Great place to explore. Always something to catch your eye...amazing place..great prices
Received : 2017-12-14 from Bradley T. - ON, Canada
Everything from computers to knives to canned beans to military uniforms. Great way to spend an hour or two.
Received : 2018-07-28 from ABB N. - ON, Canada
Amazing store!
Received : 2017-04-12 from Joe L. - ON, Canada
My favorite place ever
Received : 2018-05-12 from Miss G. - ON, Canada
Full of Awesome Deals!!
Received : 2017-07-09 from Jesse B. - ON, Canada
The most fun store in london~ everything you could think of under one roof
Received : 2018-06-07 from Mike L. - ON, Canada
Great prices !
Received : 2017-12-26 from Eric C. - ON, Canada
Interesting items and great staff to help with any needs and questions.
Received : 2018-07-02 from Doug P. - ON, Canada
Great store, good prices
Received : 2017-12-26 from Craig M. - ON, Canada
Great prices on stuff you did not know you needed.
Received : 2017-12-28 from Dianna S. - ON, Canada
Managed to pick up a USB C charge cord for my phone and some coaxial cable at less than a quarter of the cost at Walmart, The Source or Canadian tire
Received : 2017-12-22 from John S. - ON, Canada
Great deals on hunting gear , helpful staff as well. Thanks guys.
Received : 2017-12-14 from Carole N. - ON, Canada
Great products and lots to choose from in this store.
Received : 2017-06-21 from Alan g. - ON, Canada
Always has some manly bargains. Unique and interesting stuff. Has everything you wanted with camping. If you're a paintball guy it's the place to go. And they have many types of Android boxs and refurbished computers that are cheap there.
Received : 2017-06-20 from Ben D. - ON, Canada
This is one of London's best shops for outdoorsey people. You walk in and find deals and cool stuff EVERYWHERE. It's definitely even worth going just for fun sometimes as their inventory changes every day.
Received : 2017-12-10 from Gary O. - ON, Canada
Good for shopping reasonably priced tools and equipment.
Received : 2017-12-08 from Adam S. - ON, Canada
Neat place, all kinds of Treasure
Received : 2017-12-06 from Kay D. - ON, Canada
Pretty good found what I needed
Received : 2017-06-15 from Vince R. - ON, Canada
I had a great experience and found the people answering the internet sales help line to be very polite and willing to help. Super fast shipping and very reasonable rates. So glad we have Canadian online retailers that we can use. Highly recommend.
Received : 2017-06-14 from Melanie V. - ON, Canada
Such a great selection in this store, at very reasonable prices. It's a pretty crowded place with small aisles, but they make the most of their inventory and space constraints, and offer a huge selection.
Received : 2017-06-12 from Brian M. - QC, Canada
Thank you. I received the package today. You guys obviously run a great business and I'm sure I'll be buying more from your Web Store. Incredible service. Thanks!
Received : 2017-06-10 from Mike L. - ON, Canada
There's always something new to see and they have done good deals
Received : 2017-06-08 from Scott M. - ON, Canada
Always an interesting selection of items in stock
Received : 2017-06-07 from Bruce W. - ON, Canada
Great place to explore. Always something to catch your eye... amazing place... great prices.
Received : 2017-06-02 from John S. - ON, Canada
Has all kinds of stuff. Good for adding to your own bug-out bag
Received : 2017-05-30 from Jackie R. - ON, Canada
The gadget and gizmo surplus store! You never know what you find that you might need!
Received : 2017-05-27 from Henry R. - ON, Canada
Best place ever.
Received : 2017-05-26 from Jesse B. - ON, Canada
The most fun store in london. Everything you could think of under one roof.
Received : 2017-05-23 from Kayla L. - ON, Canada
Lots of useful stuff at a good price
Received : 2017-05-17 from Noah - ON, Canada
Large selection and variety
Received : 2017-05-14 from Wanda K. - ON, Canada
Tons of interezting stuff to look at. Staff very helpful!
Received : 2017-05-12 from Trisha D. - ON, Canada
Can find great deals here. Got a new freezer for a really great price.
Received : 2017-05-11 from Conner M. - ON, Canada
Great store! Bought a airsoft sniper 3 years ago and it still works like new. They even let me fire the gun in their shooting range before I bought it, I have never seen something as cool as that. Also was very helpful since i was a beginner. Bought a Desert Eagle from them online and it arrived in 3 days!!! Best canadian airsoft selection ever!!! Looking forward to buying from them again in the near future.
Received : 2017-05-09 from Silva E. - ON, Canada
Huge selection of EVERYTHING. You can always find great stuff at great prices and the staff is super nice.
Received : 2017-05-08 from Dave P. - ON, Canada
A very unique shopping experience
Received : 2017-05-06 from Adrian N. - ON, Canada
Fun to shop!
Received : 2017-05-03 from Alexander B. - ON, Canada
Great for all your surplus needs. Friendly staff are always there and willing to help. Good refurbished items at a steal of a price!
Received : 2017-04-26 from Todd S. - ON, Canada
Great prices on many parts, tools, and electronics.
Received : 2017-04-17 from Kim C. - ON, Canada
Unbelievable finds!
Received : 2017-04-13 from Dave P. - ON, Canada
Excellent place to shop for cheap and best items.
Received : 2017-04-09 from Florin M. - ON, Canada
My favorite place to shop
Received : 2017-04-05 from Cathie A. - NY, U.S.A.
Finally got a chance to set the gazebo up! All Good, Thank You!!
Received : 2017-03-24 from Andre D. - QC, Canada
Recived my order today. All is ok !! Perfect. Thank you, merci beaucoup!!
Received : 2017-03-09 from George S. - ON, Canada
Oh man we can find everything under the sky over there...
Received : 2017-02-22 from John F. - ON, Canada
Very wide selection of items to find here. Easy to find staff for assistance and always willing to assist in any way. Always been willing to get me the information that is needed for my question or recommend other sources to assist me. One of my first places to stop when shopping.
Received : 2017-02-20 from Juan J. - ON, Canada
Lots of fun. I love this place you can find anything that you can imagine
Received : 2017-02-16 from Brian F. - ON, Canada
I love the DIY element of stores like these.
Received : 2017-02-14 from Janet D. - ON, Canada
Just about anything and everything under the sun here. Seriously. Great prices on basics. Less busy during week.
Received : 2017-02-11 from Victor R. - ON, Canada - via FourSquare
This place is EPIC. You have to come check it out. Why? Well there's the always upbeat music, friendly staff that are allowed to show their unique personality, and are knowledge. Great prices...
Received : 2017-02-01 from Tiffany L. - ON, Canada
So much random stuff. Found things I didn't even know I was looking for.
Received : 2017-01-29 from George V. - ON, Canada
Thanks for the quick resolution to the problem, received my purchase the next day.
Received : 2017-01-25 from Shirrie J. - ON, Canada
You name it they have it I've been you can I looking for part was an old tape recorder that found it.
Received : 2017-01-24 from Mike T. - ON, Canada
Great for HDMI cable, tv wallmounts, and cell chargers.
Received : 2017-01-21 from Kas S. - ON, Canada
Love wondering through FCS and looking for random cheap things I didn't know I needed.
Received : 2017-01-17 from Chris N. - QU, Canada
Great pex crimper, fast shipping too!
Received : 2017-01-04 from Marcin T. - ON, Canada
One of those places that has everything! You can find some really cool stuff here.
Received : 2016-12-29 from David F. - ON, Canada
Item came very qucik. Good seller.
Received : 2016-12-22 from Casey D. - ON, Canada
I've always loved FCS. You can find anything.
Received : 2016-11-29 from Mike M. - ON, Canada
Purchased a refurbished laptop there. It's very clean and so far is working perfectly.. It's a fun store to look around - filled with unusual items.
Received : 2016-11-24 from Danilo H. - AB, Canada
I'm so impressed with the service FCSURPLUS gave me. The prices are lower than the other airsoft stores. Shipping was so fast. When I ordered, the next day it shipped already. Not even a week, I handed them my order and it is already here in Calgary. I recommend this store to my colleagues.
Received : 2016-11-21 from Marc O. - ON, Canada
Great place to spend an hour browsing thru the aisles looking at so much stuff...camping, computers, tools, and paintball supplies.
Received : 2016-10-28 from Patty W. - ON, Canada
Great place, staff are usually nice, some of them are kinda weird. But great place for certain hardware needs, plus cool stuff you usually never see in a Wal-Mart or Canadian tire . Prices are usually pretty solid.
Received : 2016-10-22 from Mat F. - ON, Canada
Awesome place to shop tones of things to look at !!
Received : 2016-10-16 from Jonathan B. - ON, Canada
I just love this place. It is so much fun to go to l. You never know what you are going to find.
Received : 2016-10-15 from Ira J. - ON, Canada
Surplus shop, lots of random tools, little knick-knacks, tons of army stuff, as well as other weaponry (real, decorative, airsoft, probably paintball). Fun to look around and can find some really cool stuff.
Received : 2016-10-13 from Sunny J. - ON, Canada
Awesome snowmobile suit. Very warm! Item was packed well too.
Received : 2016-09-24 from Colin W. - ON, Canada
If you need wires for your stereo, satellite or TV, This is the place.
You need inexpensive camping stuff, This is the place
You need extension cords, or inexpensive car repair tools, Yep This is the place

Received : 2016-09-20 from Matt S. - NS, Canada
Fast shipping, good scanner, great seller
Received : 2016-09-17 from Michelle C. - ON, Canada
Best place for deals and friendly people.
Received : 2016-09-12 from Michael C. - ON, Canada
Amazing DEALS! Worth the drive from Toronto.
Received : 2016-08-24 from Jim L. - ON, Canada
Super fast shipping. Glad you could do that. It saved me a 90 minute drive to London.
Received : 2016-08-17 from Nick K. - AB, Canada
The ammo box was perfect for storage. Quick shipping too. You're a great online seller. Thanks.
Received : 2016-08-12 from Robin R. - ON, Canada
I can't say enough about this place. The selection there is truly spectacular.
Received : 2016-08-10 from Corey P. - ON, Canada
Great deals! I love just looking around. You never know what you will find. I would never buy my cables anywhere else. Also great for miscellaneous camping gear.
Received : 2016-08-07 from Thomas G. - ON, Canada
This is the ultimate store for outdoor venturers and gun nuts alike!
Received : 2016-08-05 from Sam P. - ON, Canada
If you are looking for a deal and know what you are looking for and have the time to look for it then this is the place for you.
Received : 2016-08-02 from Donny R. - ON, Canada
If you are looking for a deal and know what you are looking for. and have the time to look for it. This is the place for you.
Received : 2016-07-30 from Willie M. - ON, Canada
I like this store a lot. Army surplus, plus so much other random stuff from outdoor clothing, electronic componenets, small fridges, paintball supply and airsoft.. camping, AV, security... too much to list ;)
Received : 2016-07-24 from Austin G. - ON, Canada
Courteous employees. There's so much stuff when you walk in its almost impossible to remember where what you just saw was lol. But that's a good thing, because a month later you still find really cool gems. Lots of unique stuff you won't find anywhere else, and at a good price.
Received : 2016-07-26 from Chasity D. - ON, Canada
Bought airsoft gun and BBs. Great prices, in fact this is where anyone should go for buying anything airsoft. Great quality and prices!
Received : 2016-07-20 from Benjamin D. - ON, Canada
This is one of London's best shops for outdoorsey people. You walk in and find deals and cool stuff EVERYWHERE. It's definitely even worth going just for fun sometimes as their inventory changes every day.
Received : 2016-07-19 from Chastity D. - ON, Canada
Bought airsoft gun and bb's. Great prices, in fact this is where anyone should go for buying anything airsoft. Great quality and prices!
Received : 2016-07-16 from Frank B. - ON, Canada
Great place to find things from survival tools and knives to laptops and airsoft guns. Love this place and the staff are a great help!
Received : 2016-07-13 from Andrew T. - ON, Canada
Friendly knowledgeable staff. Good variety of inventory.
Received : 2016-07-04 from Chris A. - ON, Canada
Friendly knowledgeable staff. Good variety of inventory.
Received : 2016-06-17 from Pavlo K. - ON, Canada
Lots of cheap stuff!
Received : 2016-06-07 from Alan G. - ON, Canada
Always has some manly bargains. Unique and interesting stuff. Has everything you wanted with camping. If you're a paintball guy it's the place to go.
And they have many types of Android boxs and refurbished computers that are cheap there.

Received : 2016-06-05 from Robert S. - ON, Canada
A variety of things. Some items may be not be seen anywhere else in London. This store can get very busy at times.
Received : 2016-06-01 from Kevin R. - ON, Canada
Surplus of all kinds. Electronics. camping gear.
Received : 2016-05-21 from Chris N. - ON, Canada
Lots and lots of stuff.
Received : 2016-05-16 from Julie L. - ON, Canada
An adventure every time you visit. Great staff very helpful!
Received : 2016-05-05 from Jason C. - ON, Canada
If you have the time to look you can find pretty much whatever youre looking for
Received : 2016-05-02 from Sharon V. - ON, Canada
My item was packaged well and shipped very quickly!
Received : 2016-04-25 from Loubet J. - QC, Canada
Really fast delivery! Good product! This lightweight and affordable tent saved my roadtrip across Canada.Thanks!
Received : 2016-04-05 from Brian W. - SK, Canada
I got the crimper today. Thank you. It looks like keeper. Good deal.
Received : 2016-03-17 from Steven R. - ON, Canada
Received : 2016-03-08 from Vince R. - ON, Canada
Good selection. Good prices.
Received : 2016-02-12 from Colin V. - ON, Canada
Great for odds and ends. Always worth checking back
Received : 2016-01-18 from Jim R. - NS, Canada
Received my pair of army surplus magnesium snowshoes. They are stamped 1985 and are brand new perfect. They have never been used. I am very pleased and will buy here again.
Received : 2016-01-07 from Andrew K. - ON, Canada
It's a great place to go look for stuff that you wouldn't know where else to go for. A little bit of everything.
Received : 2015-09-30 from Jamie N. - ON, Canada
I recently received my HATSAN MODEL 25 air pistol and am just letting you all know how pleased i am with the product---- Excellent service and fast shipping---I will recommend your company ---keep up the good work........
Received : 2015-09-03 from Kelly K. - ON, Canada
The multiple photos of products on their website are nice. Making a decision for the item I was looking for easy. Great job
Received : 2015-07-10 from Bill F. - ON, Canada
Their email newsletters are well put together.
Received : 2015-05-04 from Keith E. - ON, Canada
Wow. What an eclectic selection of stuff. I bought an airsoft rifle on line and decided to pick it up to save the shipping. No problem. While I was there I picked up a couple other things I saw as well. Went to pick up my order, bought a pistol as well and they threw in a 1000 count bag of .20 gram bio BBs for free. The staff was super nice and gracious. I'll be back when I'm in the area.
Received : 2015-04-17 from Debby M. - MI, USA
Fast Delivery! Looking foward to using my new screen tent.
Received : 2015-04-10 from Brian S. - ON, Canada
Ordered my marine speakers on Wednesday and received them the next day in Windsor. Top notch.
Received : 2015-04-10 from Jim A. - ON, Canada
My compliments on your service and staff that I spoke with for my on line order. Top marks ... I received my item at my front door in just a day after confirming payment. Fantastic !!
Received : 2015-03-21 from Paul W. - BC Canada
Just wanted to say thank you for the great prices and the great service. Received my security duty belt on Monday March 16. The quality of the belt is great. I look forward to ordering more products in the very near future.
Thanks Again. A very satisfied customer.

Received : 2015-03-17 from Patrick S. - PA, USA
I received my two piece snowmobile suit today. I am very pleased with quality.
Received : 2015-03-05 from Jason S. - NS, Canada
I ordered a 2-piece snowmobile suit. It arrived in time. The suit fits good. Nice product at a good price.
Received : 2015-02-26 from Paul B. - ON, Canada
Top class service!
Received : 2015-02-17 from Anthony M. - ON, Canada
I order my Elite Force m4a1 carbine airsoft rifle and got about a week ago. It's awesome! I really like it. Also thank you for fixing my order right away. I received it about a day or 2 after talking to you. Thank you. I look forward to buying more from you guys.
Received : 2015-02-12 from David M. - OH, USA
Fast shipping, even international. Product is exactly as described. Great seller!
Received : 2015-02-09 from Gary N. - SK, Canada
I received my parka this morning, many thanks for your fantastic service. I love the parka and will be trying it out this afternoon as it is -27 degrees C with the wind chill. I will definitely will be looking forward to making future purchases from your organization.
Received : 2015-01-23 from Chris C. - NC, U.S.A.
Thanks for a great parka and the warmest one I have ever owned. I wore it all day today in extremely cold temps stayed warm no problem. No doubt the only parka I will need no matter how far below zero it gets. This will protect in any climate.
Received : 2015-01-22 from Glenn T. - KY, U.S.A.
I've had this snowmobile suit for 5 years and it has been great! It's waterproof, wind resistant and very warm. I ride a motorcycle year round in Kentucky (except when snow and ice on roads, very rare) and this suit is GREAT!!!!
Received : 2015-01-21 from Luc V. - QC, Canada
Just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with your army surplus magnesium snowshoes. Even more surprising is the fact that, although both pairs are over 35 years old, they look like they have never been worn. They're brand new!
Received : 2014-12-06 from Paul D. - NB, Canada
Great service and fast shipping! Happy customer.
Received : 2014-11-28 from Clint S. - NS, Canada
Bought the camera to replace a burnt out one on my First Alert DVR, works great, plug and play and really shows the proper colors in my yard that the cameras that came with the unit were not able to do. I am going to order three more to replace the cameras that came with the unit. Delivery was good, 4 days to my door, I wanted to see what the time span from order to receive, not disappointing.
Received : 2014-11-26 from Jeorey D. - QC, Canada
You guys are great, I bought an item for full price and then the item got discounted due to black Friday the following day. I contacted support, and asked if I could be compensated. Sure enough they did compensate me. I received my items 3 days before the shipping estimate predicted. It may be my first time buying here, but it is definitely not my last. Thank you guys, 10/10 for the products, prices, delivery timing and most of all quick and welcoming customer support. You guys are amazing; shipping from you guys is cheaper than my local stores!
Received : 2014-09-26 from Frank S. - ON, Canada
I got a great airsoft gun and was impressed with the honest customer service. The staff told me the last one was a floor model and back-ordered it. I'm 100% happy with the gun and will be a future buyer.
Received : 2014-06-16 from Rob N. - London, ON, Canada
Hey, just wanted to mention, FCS is one of the best retailers in this city, and I have lived here since 1977. Thanks for all the great customer care! Best wishes for continued success!
Received : 2014-05-30 from Tiger H. - NT, Canada
Forest City Surplus Canada is best.
Received : 2014-03-21 from Simon B. - QC, Canada
Thank you for the consideration, much appreciated. Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Received : 2014-03-20 from Keith T. - NL, Canada
Thank you for the consideration, much appreciated. Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Received : 2014-03-19 from Corrie D. - ON, Canada
Awesomely FAST delivery. The airsoft handgun works and looks great. Thanks.
Received : 2014-03-04 from Pierre C. - QC, Canada
Extremely fast shipping. The steel BBs shoot well with my air gun. Thank you.
Received : 2014-02-28 from Robert B. - ON, Canada
Wow, nice airsoft pistol. I will shop with you again.
Received : 2014-02-08 from Hudson I. - ON, Canada
Excellent Transaction, I would do business again, Many thanks!!!
Received : 2014-01-22 from Edin G. - MB, Canada
Thanks very much for the awesome customer service. I'll make sure to tell my friends about your company.
Received : 2014-01-04 from Reg P. - SK, Canada
Sure is nice to deal with a Canadian company. We have been using these winter face masks in oil patch for several years and have been buying out of U.S.. Great site and great prices. We will be dealing more with you in the future. Thanx.
Received : 2013-12-31 from Michael D. - ON, Canada
I just received the Tanfoglio gold custom CO2 BB pistol Your team did a great job of shipping it so quickly. Well done FC surplus. This was my 1st online order, looking forward to future purchases.
Received : 2013-12-25 from George S. - ON, Canada
Very understanding & helpful. A must to buy notch seller.
Received : 2013-12-11 from Steve F. - NB, Canada
Fast shipping, thanks fcsurplus
Received : 2013-12-07 from Ian D. - ON, Canada
Fast Service, Great Selller
Received : 2013-12-06 from Leo M. - ON, Canada
Hi, I am not great on the computer, however I found your website to be wonderful, easy to use and full of great information. Thanks and have a great day.
Received : 2013-12-04 from Jayson A. - ON, Canada
Transaction went perfect, thank you!
Received : 2013-11-21 from Kevin E. - AB, Canada
Great products and great deals.
Received : 2013-10-07 from Terry D. - ON, Canada
Great product and super fast shipping. Thanks
Received : 2013-09-10 from Derek H. - ON, Canada
I would like to thank you all for the quick processing and delivery of the Yamaha soundbar that I ordered on Sunday night the 8th of Sept and was delivered at 11:00 AM on the 10th Of September. Good work and I am pleased with the product. It is a good price and has good sound. Thanks again.
Received : 2013-09-05 from T. Ullyatt - ON, Canada via Twitter
Thanks for having the hard to find things at great prices!!
Received : 2013-08-14 from P. Isabelle - QC, Canada
Everything with my purchase was perfect
Received : 2013-08-10 from E. Ford - PEI, Canada
The prices got me there and the customer service keeps me going back!
Received : 2013-07-22 from N. Ealey - TN, U.S.A.
The item was exactly as described. Fast shipment from Canada. Thank you.
Received : 2013-05-05 from Wesley - ON, Canada via Twitter
From my home-turf... If you can't find what you're looking for there (Forest City Surplus) then it never actually existed.
Received : 2013-05-05 from Robyn H. - ON, Canada - via FourSquare
I always find something cool here, and at great prices!
Received : 2013-03-25 from D. Snider - ON, Canada
I received the open sign this morning. So fast. Excellent service and an excellent product. Thank you.
Received : 2013-02-21 from A. Lemire - QC, Canada
Perfect! Thank you again for your help. I will re-order soon.
Received : 2013-02-15 from J.F. Clavet - QC, Canada
I want to thank you. I received my order well packed in the box. I am now ready to survive ... or go camping ! It is a pleasure to buy from you, you do a great job, thanks again.
Received : 2013-02-09 from D. Baylis - ON, Canada
This place has tons of great stuff!
Received : 2013-01-19 from B. Grace - NY, U.S.A.
Every thing went well with my transaction. The snowmobile suit arrived in great shape.
Received : 2013-01-07 from J. Browett - BC, Canada
Thanks for the products. They all arrived safely.
Received : 2012-09-25 from Andrew G. - ON, Canada
Website is cool. Found what I needed real fast.
Received : 2012-08-14 from M. Sweeney - ON, Canada
Thank you for the exceptional service. Your prices are good; shipping was fast; and your packaging ensured that the order arrived in great shape. I'll be ordering from you again in great shape. I'll be ordering from you again in the future and recommending you to my canoe and kayak club friends.
Received : 2012-08-14 from M. Sweeney - ON, Canada
Thank you for the exceptional service. Your prices are good; shipping was fast; and your packaging ensured that the order arrived in great shape. I'll be ordering from you again in great shape. I'll be ordering from you again in the future and recommending you to my canoe and kayak club friends.
Received : 2012-03-02 from B. Pelley - NS, Canada
My Urban, Blue an Desert 6 Camo BDU pants arrived today. I was 100% pleased with them in every way. I will be ordering another couple of pairs of them this week. :)
Received : 2012-01-30 from C. Giroux - ON, Canada
It has been great dealing with your company, and would recommend my paintball friends to do deal with your company.
Received : 2012-01-24 from L. Novak - ON, Canada
Fast shipping, great seller, can't beat that price.
Received : 2011-12-22 from Robyn H. - ON, Canada - via FourSquare
Best army surplus store in All of Canada!!
Received : 2011-12-20 from T. Chow - NL, Canada
Recieved my order today. thankyou for your excellent service.
Received : 2011-12-06 from W. Bard - AB, Canada
A great beret! Well packaged and quickly shipped. Thanks very much!!
Received : 2011-11-10 from R. Mander - ON, Canada
Thanks for the excellent service ! I will be sure to recommend you guys to others.
Received : 2011-10-17 from G. Todd - ON, Canada
Thanks so much for crediting my visa account for the overcharge error. I have always been impressed with your store and now I am REALLY impressed with your customer service. I look forward to being back in Forest City Surplus soon.
Received : 2011-08-17 from J. Kohlen - BC, Canada
Received this package this morning. Thanks again for your great service.
Received : 2011-07-26 from D. Zimmerman - ON, Canada
Thanks for getting back to me on such short notice, it's appreciated.
Received : 2011-05-16 from J. Kraehling - ON, Canada
Thanks a bunch for shipping my order so fast, I can hardly wait. I love your goofy questions webpage. It's hilarious.
Received : 2011-04-30 from D. Flack - BC, Canada
Just a note to thank you. The megaphone is Perfect, and the book wonderful. I will not hesitate to recommend your company.
Received : 2011-02-22 from D. Bouley - SK, Canada
Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all of the great service! You've saved us quite a bit of money on our camping/outdoors supplies, and you sell some excellent products - which have made out weekend outings that more enjoyable.
Best regards, from some very happy customers!

Received : 2011-02-08 from S. Perrier - QU, Canada
I will say that I was pleased with how quickly the UPS delivered the order. I had just returned home from work. Nice.
I will let friends and family know how well things went. You should be getting other orders in the next few months.

Received : 2010-12-15 from T. Hillier - ON, Canada
Item as described. Arrived promptly. Thank you!
Received : 2010-12-14 from R. Hopkins - QC, Canada
Great seller would recommend to anyone
Received : 2010-11-12 from S. McClelland - ON, Canada
Perfect seller, highly recommended
Received : 2010-11-12 from K. Bear - OH, USA
Very pleased, qualtiy item, fast shipping. thank you!
Received : 2010-09-28 from A. Duntrune - NS, Canada
I've had this laser sight for quite awhile now, and I can say that I am overly impressed with it. The beam is incredibly intense with an unbelievable range. It puts other laser sights to shame, even in day time environments. Totally recommended and worth every cent.
Received : 2010-08-05 from J. Neubauer - ON, Canada
Just received my order I was amazed at how fast it came to my door. The quality of the walkie-talkies I ordered is exceptional. There is NO cell phone reception where I am going, and now I am prepared. THANK YOU !
Received : 2010-03-29 from P. Barnes - ON, Canada
Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased with my purchases. As always it's been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to place another order soon. Many thanks from a loyal customer.
Received : 2010-03-15 from R. Tremblay - QC, Canada
I want to thank Forest City Surplus for the good service they gave to me, especially Greg for making me a happy customer!! Thank you.
Received : 2009-10-13 from K. Story - ON, Canada
Your site is very easy to use. I just LOVED the goofy customer questions, too funny! Thanks.
Received : 2009-07-14 from B. Herbert - NB, Canada
I received my order today. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks.
Received : 2009-06-24 from C. Isberg - BC, Canada
Fast friendly service. Thank you
Received : 2009-06-24 from J. Hurd - TX, USA
Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate it. You have definitely gained a customer!
Received : 2009-05-31 from M. Bergeron - QC, Canada
Great duffle bag! Nice to have. Fast delivery, thank you!
Received : 2009-05-14 from - V. Lopez NY, USA
Very easy to deal with. I got a great product at a great price. I will be doing business with Forest City Surplus again
Received : 2009-04-17 from C. Young - ON, Canada
Nice phone. Thank you for the excellent service.
Received : 2009-04-16 from M. Chan - BC, Canada
Fast shipping, great deal, I hope do business with again.
Received : 2009-04-15 from T. Sabo - NJ, USA
I received my order super fast. Great packing job.
Received : 2009-04-13 from E. Fragkiudakis - QC, Canada
I'm very happy with the Kyosho 1/18th Scale Die Cast Replica BMW 545i Sedan Car, very well packaged.
Received : 2009-02-13 from M. Santillo - PA, USA
Fantastic!!! Exceeded my expectations
Received : 2009-02-13 from S. Smith - SK, Canada
My order shipped promptly. The merchandise was just as it was advertised.
Received : 2009-02-13 from R. Bono - CA, USA
Very fast, professional transaction. Item arrived just as described on the site. Thankyou.
Received : 2009-02-09 from C. Crites - OH, USA
Thank you for a great phone. Fast shipping too.
Received : 2009-01-31 from E. Fragkiudakis
The item was exactly as described on the website. Super fast shipping as well.
Received : 2009-01-18 from T. Perna - CA USA
You just got a steady customer! Great outdoor products! I will tell all my friends!
Received : 2009-01-16 from F. Suppon - NY USA
I found your website very easy to navigate.
Received : 2009-01-7 from E. Walker
Very fast shipping. Great transaction! I will deal with Forest City Surplus again.
Received : 2008-12-13 from L. Dye
The item arrived in great shape. It was packaged so it wouldn't get damaged when opened.
Received : 2008-12-1 from R. Schmitt
I found your website very easy to use. Thank You!
Received : 2008-11-29 from S. Tibbetts
The Snowmobile suit arrived on time and well packed!
Received : 2008-11-17 from K. Rose
I have been looking for a dual headed shower head and I got it cheap thanks.
Received : 2008-10-27 from S. Wood
Item arrived exactly as described, well packaged, good communication. I would definitely order from again.
Received : 2008-10-14 from S. Ullah
Fast Delivery. Great products.
Received : 2008-10-09 from K. Nowicki
The products arrived as described and shipped promptly. Thanks!
Received : 2008-9-28 from J. St.Pierre
I received my UN blue beret in excellent condition. It is exactly what I've been looking for!!
Received : 2008-9-18 from J. Lee
The phone works great! This is a fine business. I will do business with again. Many thanks.
Received : 2008-9-17 from P. Bates
I'm impressed with the quality of the are that I ordered.
Received : 2008-9-1 from J. Leonard
Thanks for making your website easy to use.
Received : 2008-8-20 from R. Ramirez
Your website is very user friendly.
Received : 2008-6-13 from C. Rioux
Just wanted to say, love the site.
Received : 2008-4-16 from K. Dawson
Hey the package got here yesterday. Everything was great. Your company was a pleasure to work with and I will recommend you to as many people as I can I hope to work with you again in the future.
Received : 2007-11-26 from D. Boey
I'm writing to say that the stuff I got from you arrived here some weeks ago. Belated thanks for the advice on postal charges, stock availability, condition of merchandise and all the other enquiries that could add up to a really bad day in Customer Service if the questions were badly phrased. The stuff is outstanding. It's exactly as advertised on your online site -- which in this day and age of e-commerce one expects to be a given, but sadly isn't the case with some retailers. I thank you and your team for all the help in making this purchase a happy one.
Received : 2007-09-13 from S. Hewitt
I found your Site while doing some research on Women's gifts and Women's gift ideas and was thoroughly impressed by it. The way you have presented the information in your gifts for women section is very pleasing and actually inspirational.
Received : 2007-07-24
WOW!! The first vest shipment arrived today and I am REALLY PLEASED with the quality of the vests.
Received : 2007-06-11
Incredible! What else can you say. My order was placed at 9:43 AM on Thursday, and delivered to my door in Ottawa at 12:37 PM Friday. Under 27 hours, WOW! I will DEFINITELY order from you again.
Received : 2007-06-04
My order was processed and delivered in a very timely manner and I am very pleased. Many Thanks,
Received : 2007-05-28
The package came in this morning. I just felt that I should let you know that my online experience with your store was excellent. Your communication was quick and efficient. I will buy from you again, and will recommend you to others. Again, great job!
Received : 2007-05-14
Thank you very much. You have great customer service which I will remember and I will also recommend your business to others. Thanks again
Received : 2007-05-04
Shipment received in good order today! Thanks for all your attention, great job!
Received : 2007-04-26
I got the order today...Thanks for all the extra work you did, I really appreciated it!!!
Received : 2007-04-25
Very good order process, I especially liked the fact that I could see the contents of my cart at the top of the screen as I chose more items.
Received : 2007-04-20
Thanks for your wonderful service. We will certainly tell our friends about your store!
Received : 2007-04-13
Just a thanks for the great website. I only do a small amount of business with you but I still come often for the comments and the "Goofy Questions" section. Keep up the fantastic job.
Received : 2007-03-23
Thanks for the rapid response and positive action.
Received : 2007-03-06
I appreciate your personal attention to my order!
Received : 2006-12-16
Just keep up the fantastic work you do. And the goofy questions people ask? Thanks. Sometimes, when I'm feeling down or dumb, I'll read them for an uplift. But I guess I better not laugh too much, I might end up asking a really dumb question and have it end up I do love browsing both online and in the store because it's such an interesting and informative place to be...thanks again
Received : 2006-12-15
I just wanted to thank you for sending my order out so quickly. I received it today. I really appreciate your care and work to get my shipment to me. I have recommended your website to all of my friends
Received : 2006-09-29
Well laid out site. I found what I was looking for right away!
Received : 2006-09-27
I really appreciate your help, I am really impressed with your service, it's second to none ! Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.
Received : 2006-09-21
I received the package Tuesday. Everything is in order and the package contents were all okay. Thanks for your help in sorting out the issue and it was a pleasure dealing with you on the phone. I'll definitely purchase from Forest City Surplus again if ever I need anything!
Received : 2006-09-12
Thank you for the fast response and shipment of the missing parts on a recent purchase. Your customer service is AAAA1. I will recommend your store to everyone.

Thanks folks !!!!
Received : 2006-09-06
I just wanted to thank you for getting this order to me so quickly.
Received : 2006-08-21
Hello, just a note to let you know I received the products I ordered & everything is as advertised. I am very happy with the order & shipping was very fast. I am impressed & look forward to doing more business with Forest City Surplus in the future. Thanks
Received : 2006-06-10
Thanks so much! That's great. Okay, I've got it packaged up with your shipping label and I'm just printing off a copy of the customer confirmation of sale and this note so that you'll know what it is when it arrives. Thanks again for your help! I've bookmarked your site - I must say that you've been great to deal with!!
Received : 2006-06-05
You have provided better customer service than any of the other sites I've dealt with and I am sure it's paying off. Thanks
Received : 2006-06-01
Thanks for the great customer service. I am very impressed.
Received : 2006-05-18
I got very, very good service on my first order from you folks. The material was very well packed and it arrived two days earlier than expected! Thank you very much.
Received : 2006-04-25
I would love to let others know how quick, and efficient, your service is!
Received : 2006-04-23
Very nice selection of goodies! And well laid-out website, congrats! Well done!
Received : 2006-03-27
Just wanted to let you know I received two orders from you in the last week or so. These were my first purchases from Forest City Surplus and I am extremely pleased with your products. What I received is top quality and the items are exactly as described on your web site. I will be buying more.
Received : 2006-03-27
I got very, very good service on my first order from you folks. The material was very well packed and it arrived two days earlier than expected! Thank you very much.
Received : 2006-03-13
Items arrived this morning, two days before the projected delivery date. All the products are in good order. Very pleased with products and super fast shipping. Would not hesitate to use your services again. Thanks a lot!
Received : 2006-02-20
Although I didn't find what I was looking for. Great Website!!!! One of the better ones I've seen , pat someone on the back!!
Received : 2005-12-12
I just want to tell you that the Forest City Surplus website is excellent, has all the info you could ever want or need, fast, etc. I've never been to or heard of your store but I definitely want to now. I live in Toronto and will make the trip soon. Congratulations Webmaster for a job well done.

Thanks folks !!!!
Received : 2005-11-17
Thank you!! Order was received in perfect condition BEFORE expected date. Thank you!!
Received : 2005-10-13
A great site which is so easy to navigate. Way to go!!!
Received : 2005-08-12
I wanted to thank you again. I'm so impressed with the quickness in which this monthly prize has been sent. I have the tracking number and I'm really looking forward to getting this air compressor. My kids have one of those blue pools in which you blow up the top ring and fill with water. The top ring has a slow leak and every day I am out there huffing and puffing blowing air into it myself. This prize will come in handy for sure! Thanks again!
Received : 2005-06-03
As always, my order was received quickly, well packaged and containing high quality products. You guys are great!
Received : 2005-03-15
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and as always, I am completely satisfied with the quality of your merchandise and the timely way in which it was delivered. Thank you once again from a loyal customer.
Received : 2005-03-07
This is my second time ordering from you, and it will not be the last, thank you very much for the service this far.
Received : 2005-02-14
Thanks for the quick delivery. The items are of outstanding quality and just what I was looking for.
Received : 2005-02-10
I received my package safe and sound and complete. Thank you for your constant communication throughout.
Received : 2005-01-25
Thanks for straightening things out. I really do appreciate your service and support.
Received : 2005-01-24
Thank you for your response and call. I appreciate the service that you are providing. It was above and beyond.
Received : 2005-01-21
Since this was a first time online ordering for me, I had a difficulty in providing my visa verification and was ever so pleased that I was able to send an email asking for help from you. The prompt and friendly way that you answered my question gave me confidence in your Company on a whole - I previously was apprehensive in ordering anything online but have no hesitation now with you. Thank you so much.
Received : 2005-01-12
Thanks for your great service and the way you handled my request. I will be ordering other items from your Web Site soon.
Received : 2005-01-12
I received the box by my door late yesterday afternoon , thank you. It sure was helpful receiving the e - mail from Canada Post tell me what day is was hopefully to arrive here so some kid did not steal it. Mail theft is a major problem around here. I Really do appreciate how you handled my part's order from the start to me receiving the part's , thank you very much.
Received : 2004-12-29
Pleasant experience shopping at Forest City Surplus Canada. Will definitely do it again and again!!!! Already recommended it to friends!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks folks !!!!
Received : 2004-12-16
I have been very impressed with the service that i have received with your company and plan to do more business with you as the need arises.
Received : 2004-12-12
Thank you very much for the speedy service.
Received : 2004-12-12
Although I have not yet had a chance to look through the whole site, what I have seen has been very impressive. I will definitely go there again, especially if I am looking for something obscure!
Received : 2004-12-9
I was looking for a very specific item, and found it easily and quickly on your site. I will come back again, definitely.
Received : 2004-12-9
Shopping from Forest City Surplus is a very nice experience. The product I purchased saved me at least $50 from any other competitor and I am looking forward to my next purchase
Received : 2004-12-3
Overall the buying experience was good. The price of the product was excellent. All in all I was pleased with my experience, and would buy from Forest City Surplus in the future.
Received : 2004-11-26
I a new customer to Forest City Surplus and the Little experience that I have had is great. I enjoy browsing at your website. I think you have great stuff and great prices!
Received : 2004-11-24
I received my order this evening, and am most pleased. So pleased, in fact, that I am going to order more!

Received : 2004-11-19
Thank you so very much for all your efforts to try and accommodate me. It certainly has been a pleasure working with you.

Received : 2004-11-15
Thank you, thank you, thank you - oh did I happen to say thank you !

Received : 2004-11-09
Just wanted to thank you again for such great service.

Received : 2004-10-26
I wanted to thank you for getting that shipment out quickly. My son is dressing as Kyle from South Park for Halloween. The items purchased are perfect. Thanks again!!!

Thanks folks !!!!

Received : 2004-10-18
You guy's have great customer service !

Received : 2004-10-13
Thanks for your time. I have you guys listed on my favorites now !

Received : 2004-09-21
I appreciate your quick response, Great service !

Received : 2004-09-03
Thank you so much! The parcel arrived just a few moments ago and everything looks great. I can't believe it got here so fast.

Received : 2004-08-20
My package arrived today, I was very pleased with the products and will be placing further orders with you very shortly.

Received : 2004-07-30
I appreciate your flexibility and great customer service with my order.

Received : 2004-07-20
Thank you for your prompt shipping of my recent order. I received it yesterday, all in good condition. It's a pleasure doing business with a reputable company.

Received : 2004-06-17
Just wanted to let you know I placed an order yesterday via the internet and was surprised and extremely pleased to have it delivered to me (in Ottawa) this morning. Thanks for the great service.

Received : 2004-05-15
Good information with photos for each product; obvious and competitive prices; secure payment; easy to find what I was looking for. Thanks Forest City Surplus Canada

Received : 2004-02-09
I simply wanted to congratulate you and your staff for the excellent service! I made a first purchase last week and was amazed of the prompt delivery (within 24 hrs)!
Fantastic, and great products too!

Received : 2004-01-27
You have a really great site. Every time I visit it I find something else that I need (or want). You also have many things that are very hard to find elsewhere on the internet. Great site! Great service! Keep up the good work!

Received : 2003-12-16
Great site - never found it before! Great selection and prices!

Received : 2003-12-05
I have purchased from this company before and was extremely satisfied all round. I am now and will continue to do business with them.

Thanks folks !!!!

Received : 2003-07-18 21:34:09
I have just received my order (#3519) today and wanted to let you know that everything is great. I am very pleased and wanted to let you know that you have just earned yourself a new loyal customer. Your web business is one of the most organized and easy-to-use sites I have come across, there was no guess work about any detail of my order. Once again thank you for the great service and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Received : 2003-03-24 18:15:45
I have now purchased two items from FC surplus. I visit their website often to check out the great deals that they often get. Their professionalism and customer service are fantastic. Hey I should do an infomercial for them:) Highly recommended

Received : 2003-03-05 16:48:30
Just wanted to say thank you for the AMAZING service, quick responses and insanely fast shipping!

Received :2003-02-20 18:23:37
Absolutely amazing site, well organized and easy to navigate. I have it bookmarked for future purchases, and I assure you there will be many. /font>

Received : 2002-11-02 12:19:00
Hi, This is just to thank you're staff for the quick service in mailing my speakers to me. I'm in Leamington, ordered on October 29, and received today, November 1. It is sure nice not to have to wait 2-3 weeks to get them. Thanks again!!

Received : 2001-05-29 21:47:13
I think these guys are GREAT! My first order was placed only a couple of days ago, and it got here this morning! I am really impressed, and I like dealing with a Canadian outfit, too. Im tired of being charged all kinds of extra fees for bringing stuff in from the US. I will DEFINITELY deal with Forest City Surplus again, no two ways about it.

Received: 2002-12-03 05:15:23
I can't believe how easy this transaction was, and how easy it was to navigate the site. The best I've seen so far! Really!
Received: 2002-05-08 19:32:44
Wow! Just received my order, and I have to say that was the fastest shipping ever! I didnt even have time to check the tracking no number. Im more than happy once again with your products and prices, and now with the fastest shipping I have ever received. Thanks once again. Forest City: My first choice in surplus and all around needs! --- Dan

Received Received: 2002-11-18 18:02:05
I received my merchandise in great condition and faster than expected!! GREAT SERVICE...THANKS!!!!!

Received: 2001-11-09 09:51:01
Hi I just received my order and I could not be happier. The service and quality are great. I look forward to buying more in the future. Thanks.
--- Scott

Thanks folks !!!!
Received: 2001-03-08 13:27:10
Forest City Surplus Canada seems to be a well set up and run organisation and I will quite likely buy from them again. Thanks.
--- Neil

Received: 2001-02-24 20:45:39
This site gets my top rating!

Received: 2001-02-13 13:18:01
Excellent service, quality products, great prices!

Received: 2001-01-31 12:54:36
[I] enjoyed shopping at this site and am looking forward to visit again thank you. --- Bill

Received: 2001-01-25 05:59:24
This site has merchandise for all walks of life. It's fun to shop.

Received: 2000-04-03 12:01:03
This is the first site that I have used to shop with, mainly because it had one item on it that I have been trying to find for ages. This prompted me to search through other items which you can not get hold of in this country (England). Buying another 7 items. A excellent web site all round. The reason that I bought things from this site is because they had good pictures of the items. If not, I would not have bothered.
Received: 2000-10-11 18:56:45
I will put a bookmark on your site because your prices are extremely good.

Received: 1999-12-03 22:59:39

Received: 2000-05-22 20:29:34
Good variety of different products and price ranges. Some items not available at other sites, and the price will have you returning to purchase.

Received: 2000-04-15 19:24:13
The range of products that this store sells is gigantic, and from past buying experience, of high quality. Overall, a website with very good prices and good value.

Thanks folks !!!!
Received: 2000-02-22 18:29:31
This site had very good items and was organized so I could find items I was looking for.

Received: 2000-07-03 10:49:06
Hi guys, I have been to the store a few times and we are in the process of looking to buy a tent, so I figured I'd take a chance and see if you had
.  I would just like to say the web site is AWESOME!! It is very user friendly and it loads very fast, which is important. Thanks.--- Jacqui 

Received: 1999-08-23 23:56:23
I just wanted to thank you for sending out my order so promptly. That was an excellent job. I hope to do business with you in the future. Thank you again.--- Ryan

Thank you for the service and the speed of processing my order. I have a lot of college friends I will tell about your site due to its prices and range of items .....almost all the items needed

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