Car audio, Legacy amplifiers, Pyramid amplifiers and more at surplus prices discount car audio, Pyramid speakers, Lanzar speakers, Legacy speakers, 6x9 speakers, Coaxial car speakers!
Forest City Surplus is an authorized Canadian dealer for Lanzar, Legacy, Pyle and Pyramid car audio products.   We buy in these products in volume, sell at very competitive prices, and offer the full manufacturers warranty.   In addition we buy up amazing surplus deals of other car audio brands as they become available!   Popular brand names that you may discover on our website and/or in our store include Clarion, Kenwood, Infinity, Sony, Sanyo, Pioneer, Phoenix Gold, Blaupunkt, Clifford Designs, Alpine, JBL, Rockford Fosgate, Eminence and more!
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Car Stereos Discount Car Stereo, cd car receiver, Pyle Car Stereo

Cassette, cd, mp3 and DVD car receivers by Lanzar, Jensen, Pyle, Pyramid, Koss, Audiovox and more!

Car Audio Amplifiers Car Amps, Lanzar amplifiers, Legacy amplifiers

Huge selection of mono to 6 channel amps from 240 to 4000 watts

Car Audio Accessories, Neon Lights aftermarket car accessory, car pedals

LED valve steams, car antennas, neon lights and more!

Tweeters Tweeters, bullet tweeters, compression drivers

piezo, dome and bullet tweeters, compression drivers

Discount Speaker Cable Speaker Cable from 18 to 8 gauge!

18 to 8 gauge wire in 3 feet to 100 foot lengths

Car Audio Subwoofers car audio subwoofers, car subwoofers, car stereo subwoofers

8 to 15 inch car subwoofers by Lanzar, Legacy, Pyle, Pyramid, Infinity, Jensen and more

Car Audio Capacitors Car Audio Capacitors, audio capacitor, farad capacitors

1 to 5 Farad car audio capacitors to protect your alternator and car battery

Marine Audio Equipment Marine audio equipment, marine audio speakers

Marine speakers, sub woofers, receivers, amplifiers and monitor boat speakers

Mobile Video Equipment Mobile Video Equipment, portable DVD players

Video screens and portable DVD players with LCD screens

Speaker Boxes and Cabinets Speaker Boxes for 6x9, 10, 12, 15, dual 10 and dual 12 inch subwoofers

6x9, 10, 12, 15, dual 10 and dual 12 inch subwoofer boxes

Bandpass Sub Woofers Bandpass subwoofers, bandpass speaker, bandpass woofer

10 and 12 inch dual subwoofer bandpass speakers by Jensen, Pyle, Pyramid and Legacy

Electronic Crossovers, Impedance Adaptors, Fuse Blocks Electronic Crossover, Impedance Adapters, Fuse Blocks, Capacitors, Pyle, Legacy, Pyramid

Passive and active crossover networks, AGU fuse holders, Hi/Low Impedance Adaptors, fuse blocks

Anti-Theft Devices, Car Alarm Systems Car Alarm Systems, Auto Anti Theft Devices, Motorcycle Locks

Protect your investment with a motorcycle alarm, car alarm, steering wheel lock, motorcycle wheel locks

Speaker Grills Speaker grills from 8 to 15 inches !!!

8, 10, 12 and 15 inch plastic speaker grills

Midrange Speakers Audio Speakers, midrange speakers

5 and 5.25 Inch mid range subwoofers

(90 Day Store Warranty on All Electronic Equipment !)

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Car Stereos 101
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Car Audio Links
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Awesome Car Stereos

  • Pyramid 2706D Car Cassette Player and AM/FM Receiver - cassette car stereo, tape player car stereo, car stereo cassette players, cassette car radios, car tape deck, car tape players
  • Pyramid CD Player & AM/FM Receiver - pyramid car stereo
  • Pyramid CD / MP3 Player Car Stereo - pyramid stereo, cheap cd player
  • Audiovox CD, MP3 car stereo - discount car cd player
  • Legacy® AM/FM-MP3 Receiver CD Player - legacy car stereo
  • Audiovox Prestige CD, MP3 Player and Receiver - MP3 Car Stereo
  • Koss CD, MP3 Player and receiver - koss car stereo
  • Pyle Plus CD / MP3 Car Stereo - pyle cd player
  • Lanzar CD Player & AM/FM Tuner - lanzar vibe stereo, lanzar car stereo
  • Kenwood Receiver and CD Player - kenwood car cd player, kenwood car stereo
  • Pyramid MP3 Player and Receiver - pyramid receiver
  • Pyle Car Stereo MP3 Player - pyle stereo
  • Lanzar MP3 Car Stereo - Discount car stereo
  • Pyle DVD Player and Receiver - car stereo cd player
  • Pyle MP3 Player and Receiver - car cd player, Pyle auto stereo, Pyle automotive stereo
  • Pyle Plus® CD / MP3 Car Stereo - usb port car stereo
  • Pyle XM Satellite Radio Ready Receivers - xm satellite radio receiver canada
  • Mobile DVD Player and LCD Screen - discount mobile dvd player, cheap portable dvd players
  • Jensen MP3 Car Stereo - jensen car stereo, jensen mp3 automotive stereo, Jensen automotive stereo
  • Car Amps

  • Pyramid Pro Plus 240 Watt Thermal Protected Amplifier - cheap car amps, small car amplifiers,
  • Pyramid Super Blue 240 Watt Thermal Protected Amplifier - discount car amps
  • 240 Watt Royal Blue Amplifiers - Pyramid car audio amp
  • Pyramid Super Blue High Performance Car Audio Amplifier - car stereo amplifier
  • Pyramid PB 360 High Performance Amplifier - pyramid car amplifier
  • Pyramid Super Blue 2 Channel Bridgeable Car Audio Amplifier - best car amplifier
  • Pyramid PB545X Royal Red Amplifier - pyramid amp, pyramid amplifier
  • Legacy LA470 Amplifier - legacy amplifier, legacy car amplifier
  • PS1220M Single Channel Jensen Car Audio Amplifiers - mono block amps, mono block amplifiers,
  • JPA1150M Single Channel Jensen Car Audio Amplifiers - single channel car amplifiers, 1 channel car amplifiers, single channel car amps, mono car amplifier, mono car amps
  • Lanzar Vibe218 400W Amplifier - auto amplifier, car amp, discount car amp
  • Pyramid Crystal PB681X 1000 Watt Amplifier - pyramid amps, 1000 watt amp
  • Pioneer GMX-962 2 Channel Amplifier - pioneer car amplifier, pioneer amp
  • Legacy 600 Watt Car Amplifiers - Legacy car amps, legacy amps
  • Legacy 4 Channel Full MOSFET Amplifier - lanzar amplifier lanzar amp
  • American Legacy Series 2 Car Amplifier - American Legacy Amplifier, American Legacy Amp
  • Pyle 800 Watt Car Amplifier - pyle amps, cheap car amplifier
  • Pyle PLAD213 1000 Watt Car Amp - 2 channel car amp, Canadian Car Audio
  • Pyle PLAD412 1000 Watt Car Amp - 4 channel car amp, car stereo amp
  • Pyramid 800 Watt Car Amplifier - discount car amplifiers, car audio amplifiers
  • Pyle 2000 Watt Car Amplifiers - 2000 watt amps
  • GTA 4 Special Blaupunkt® 750 Watt Car Amplifiers - GTA 4 Special blaupunkt car amplifiers, GTA 4 Special blaupunkt car amps, GTA 4 Special blaupunkt amplifiers, GTA 4 Special blaupunkt amps
  • MXA252 2400 watt Lanzar Amplifiers - Lanzar street Team Amplifiers, lanzar car amp, lanzar amps
  • MXA282 Lanzar 4000 Watt Car Amplifiers - best car amplifiers, best car amps, lanzar car audio
  • Car Audio woofers

  • Pyramid WX-85X 8 inch Subwoofers - best sub woofer speakers
  • LEGACY LW89X 400 Watt Peak 8 inch Subwoofer - powered sub woofer
  • 12 inch High Power Pyramid WX120 Woofers - for those wanting more power
  • 10 inch Pyramid Sub Woofers - discount sub woofers
  • Pyramid PW 1077 Aluminum Cone 10 inch Woofer - audio entertainment idea
  • Legacy LW109 High Power 10 Inch Subwoofer - sub woofer system
  • Pyramid PW1086 10&quote Hyper Pro Subwoofers - audio video entertainment systems
  • Legacy LW129X High Power 12 inch Subwoofer - loud speaker
  • 15 inch Pyramid WX15 Woofers - 15 subwoofer, 15 inch subwoofers
  • Legacy Sapphire LW1057 10 inch Subwoofer - discount subwoofers,
  • PYRAMID Royal Red 10" Woofer - 1000 watt speaker, 4 ohm speaker
  • Legacy Sapphire LW1257 12 inch Subwoofer - 1000 watt sub woofer
  • Pyramid Imperial PW12280 12 inch Subwoofer - 12 powered subwoofer
  • Lanzar Heritage Series 10 inch sub woofers - 800watt car audio subwoofers
  • Lanzar Heritage Series 12 inch sub woofers - auto subwoofer, 12 lanzar sub woofer
  • Legacy Square Sub Woofers - square subwoofer, 1000 watt subwoofers
  • Lanzar Street Series 10 inch sub woofers - lanzar subwoofer
  • Jensen 10 inch subwoofers - 10 inch sub woofers
  • Infinity 10 inch subwoofers - 10 inch 1000 watt sub woofers
  • Infinity 12 inch subwoofers - 12 inch 1200 watt sub woofers
  • subwoofers - 10 inch 1000 watt sub woofers
  • Car Audio Accessories, Neon Lights

  • Blue Strobe Light - car strobe light, car light accessory
  • Red Strobe Light - automobile strobe light, l.e.d alarm light
  • Blue Strobe Light Tube - strobe light bar
  • Clear Strobe Light Tube - car strobe lights
  • Pro-Linear Blinking Blue LED - blinking led light
  • 12" Speaker Repair Kit - speaker repair kit, diy speaker repair
  • Blue LED Valve Caps - valve stem light, valve stem lighting
  • Accuscan Multi-LED Scanner - led alarm scanner, car alarm light
  • Red Neon Attenna Rod - neon antenna light, car audio canada
  • Pyramid AM/FM Car Antennas - replacement car antenna
  • 12 inch Blue Neon Lights - neon car lighting, neon car light
  • Amplifier Upgrade Kits by Boss Audio Systems - Amp Upgrade
  • Multi-Colour LED Valve Caps - wheel light, wheel lighting
  • 15 inch Black Neon Lights - neon bar light
  • Car Pedal, Knob & Valve Kit - interior car accessory, cool car accessory
  • Lanzar High Performance Braided Power Cable - car audio power cable
  • 24" Blue Neon Light - neon tube, discount car accessory
  • Lanzar 8 Gauge Power/Speaker Kit - 8 gauge speaker cable
  • 9 inch Dual Blue Neon Lights - neon light tube
  • 9 inch Dual Green Neon Lights - glass neon tube
  • Dual 9" Neon Rods - accessory car part, car accessories
  • Shifter Knob - gear shifter knob, cheap car accessory
  • Dual Bar Strobe Light - mini strobe light bar
  • 10 inch Neon Subwoofer Ring w/ Inbuilt Light Dancer - neon speaker ring
  • 12 inch Neon Subwoofer Ring w/ Inbuilt Light Dancer - car audio accessory
  • Neon Cord Light - neon wire, car stereo accessory
  • Lanzar 7 Band Graphic Equalizer - stereo graphic equalizer
  • Tweeters
    Midrange Speakers

    Car Audio Capacitors

  • PowerStor Capacitors - 1 farad capacitor, 1.0 farad capacitors
  • 1.2 Farad Legacy Car Audio Capacitor - Legacy audio capacitor
  • Digital Display Power Capacitors - car stereo capacitor
  • Legacy 2.4 Farad Car Audio Capacitor - 2 farad capacitor
  • Pyle 3.0 Farad Capacitor - car capacitors
  • 5 Farad Lanzar Car Audio Capacitors - Best capacitor, 5 farad capacitor
  • Marine Audio Equipment
  • Pyle 5.25 Inch Marine Speakers - marine audio speakers
  • Pyle 6x9 Waterproof Marine Speakers - boat stereo speakers
  • Pyle 5.25 Inch Marine Speakers - Pyle Marine audio equipment
  • Pyle 600 Watt Waterproof Marine Amplifiers - boat audio
  • Mobile Video Equipment
  • 5.8 Inch LCD Monitor by Audiovox® - lcd car monitor, car tv monitor, car video monitor
  • 7 Inch LCD Monitors by Legacy - Legacy LCD monitors
  • Insignia Portable DVD Players - dvd player with lcd secreens, personal dvd players, portable dvd player with case, portable dvd cd players
  • Durabrand Portable DVD Players with 9 Inch LCD Screens - 12 volt DVD players, car DVD players, 12v DVD players
  • Electronic Crossover, Impedance Adapters,
    Fuse Blocks

    Bandpass Subwoofers

  • Jensen 900 Watt peak Dual 10 inch Bandpass Speaker System - cheap bandpass box
  • Pyle 800 Watt peak Dual 10 inch Bandpass Speaker System - car speaker box, bandpass subwoofers
  • Pyramid PMB16HB Mind Blower Hatchback Subwoofer System - trunk speaker, dual sub woofer enclosure
  • Legacy LBM10P 800 Watt Bassmaster Speaker System - dual 10 sub woofer box, bandpass speaker box
  • Lanzar 1000 Watt Dual 10 inch Bandpass Speaker System - bandpass woofer, bandpass enclosure, bandpass sub woofer box
  • Speaker Boxes and Cabinets

    Anti-Theft Devices, Car Alarms

    Speaker Grills

    5 to 15 inch Pyramid steel waffle grills
    Speaker Cable

    Speaker Cable from 18 to 8 gauge