Army Style Bags

Army Style Bags (31)

Rugged and made to last!
Ammo pouches, haversacks, rucksacks, duffle bags, cargo packs, paratrooper bags, ALICE Packs, book bags and more!

Backpacks - Internal Frame

Backpacks - Internal Frame (10)

Quality ObusForme and North 49 internal frame backpacking backpacks with 55 to 115 litres of storage capacity. Great for hiking.

Backpacks - No Frame

Backpacks - No Frame (4)

Top quality North 49 Backpacks at discount prices!

Business and Luggage Travel Bags

Business and Luggage Travel Bags (3)

Portfolio bags, folding organizer, cell phone organizers and rolling luggage bags

Cargo - Compression - Duffle Bags

Cargo - Compression - Duffle Bags (20)

Ideal for hauling all your gear!

Day Packs

Day Packs (14)

Small backpacks designed for single day hikes or as bags for students in school!

Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs (3)

Great for hiking and biking! Fanny waist packs in standard colours and camo patterns!

Money Belts and Wallets

Money Belts and Wallets (6)

Hidden money belts, Stainless Steel Wallets, RFID scanner blocking purses, zippered billfolds, stainless steel money clip wallets, Aluma Wallet and leather wallets

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags (6)

Over-the-shoulder bags, haversacks and more

Sports & Insulated Bags

Sports & Insulated Bags (8)

Hydration Packs, Hydra Sacks, Sports Equipment Bags, Insulated Lunch Bags

Water Resistant Bags

Water Resistant Bags (20)

Waterproof Haversacks, Day packs, Back Packs, Dry Sacks and Duffle Bags, Riverpacks

Backpack Hiking Sticks

Backpack Hiking Sticks (3)

Classic wooden and modern telescopic hiking sticks

Accessory Carabiners

Accessory Carabiners (6)

Stay organized the easy way! Ideal for attaching extra gear to backpacks